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Those nurses who have chosen to be "middle management", have put themselves in a very difficult position. They recognize the problems/issues in the unit, but have to answer to upper management who are clueless to the reality of nursing. It seems that upper management want the "numbers" to look good, so that the almighty Press-Ganey scores are high, and the middle managers have the responsibility for elevating those numbers. In the ER the big push is to reduce: triage room patient waiting times, ER evaluation time and transport and bed assignments. If you work in the ER you know how unrealistic that is. Yes, you can bring the patient in from the ER triage room, reducing their wait time, but they just wait in the ER to be examined anyway..but the "numbers" look good, not the quality of the care. Middle managers scurry around and literally hound you to "move the patients". I try not to take it personally, because I understand what motivates them, but for those who take middle manager jobs, where to they go from there? I am quite content to be a staff nurse.
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