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Yikes 21 hours...that's no fun, recently I ended up doing a 17 hour shift...boy oh boy did that kill me.
But you feel a HUGE responsibility to not only your coworkers but the patients as well because you know that if you don't stay no one will be there to take care of them.
I've been working on a general surgery floor for the last 2 years but have kinda been forced to leave in a way, my manager has lost her trust in me becuase of multiple issues piling up on me and my work going down hill(long story-maybe another day I'll write about it)especially on days where we were short staffed/crazy beyond belief! I love it there and the people I work with but it certainly isn't the greatest situation anymore to work there so time for a change. what's next
So kinda need prayers/thoughts the like to help me find a new job
Keep up the good work folks!
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