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I have found that on our unit the "clinical coordinators" (aka former staff nurses who have no additional education or training but are thrown under the bus so that the manager can keep her job) take the brunt of the conflict on our unit. We have gone through 4 managers in as many years, with the current one being on staff for over a year now. It's nearly impossible to move up in our organization because there is too much socializing (that sounds terrible, I know...but it's like being too friendly with your kids...they still need a parent). People go from staff RN to "clinical coordinator" to being asked to step down and leaving out of embarrassment. They take the fall for everything that goes wrong even when they have the best intentions. I think that if you want to be a middle manager (at least in our system) you need to come from outside the system, pay your dues, and then move on to upper level management somewhere else...
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