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Wow, what a nightmare. I am assuming there is no preceptorship in your unit? They just throw you onto the floor and expect you to be a nurse? I remember when I was done school and believe me,
I too felt like I knew nothing. And others on the post are right when they tell you that you will learn something new each day. You didnt mention what kind of unit you are on? One of the great things about our profession is all the different avenues you can go and still be a nurse. Look and see if there are any openings in any other parts of the hospital. I am again assuming, if there are a lot of foreign nurses that there is a
shortage of nurses at your hospital. Maybe they stick together because they feel they are the odd ones out and feel more comfortable with each other. I know everyone has told you that there has to be at least one person you could talk to- so I truly hope you can find someone. We need all the good nurses we can get, so please, dont give up. Good luck with this, and let us know how you make out.
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