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You've gotten some great advice from everybody here, texasnurse! Congrats on passing the achievement in and of itself. I recently was reading "A Nurse's Story" by Tilda Shalof (GREAT book for any nurse) and it helped me out quite a bit recently because I was so super stressed out at work. It reminded me that we need to take our own pulse first.
Think of how you feel about the situation and remember if you don't take care of yourself first you can't properly take care of your patients. And remember if you feel unsafe you can say no (at least in Canada you're able to)- and refuse to do the tasks...
The best way to take care of your patients is to take care of yourself. Find some things that you enjoy that reduce your stress and try not to take your work home with you...most of all find someone to talk to (it's not that bad afterall-and you get a 3rd party's opinion)Spend time with family, friends, and doign things you like to make you a healthier person.
It sounds like you recognize that there are problems, which is great just take care of yourself, do the best you can, and stick up for yourself-if you don't feel right/comfortable get help or speak up.
Good Luck with everything!
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