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In my experience, it is not at all unusual for many more people to read than to post to a bulletin board. From my own very limited research, the reasons for remaining on the sidelines varies with the person. Some derive satisfaction from simply reading the threads. The pleasure is akin to that of sitting in front of a television. Others find the threads of interest, but do not feel the need to interject their own opinion(s). Still others feel unable to adequately express themselves in writing, feel uncomfortable in an asynchronous environment, or are hesistant about their welcome.

I enjoy reading Nursing Voices. I also enjoy another bulletin board in which I have been a participant for almost four years. I check each bulletin board for new posts almost every day. I do not post to every thread, however. Sometimes I have nothing to say. And I have learned the hard way that I would rather be thought a fool than to open my mouth and remove all doubt!

Good thread!


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