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Mr Ian
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Most people, I would guess, come here to read as they are active learners seeking out a better understanding. Many would probably only visit here (or any other given forum site) in a state of crisis or particular need.

There are few people like me who just come here to give their opinion (I like my opinion and everyone should have a copy).

Most those wanting to learn - are learners, or novices - and perhaps have limited experience to draw from to advise others; even tho they give great common sense ideas sometimes.

The issues that are generally discussed are ones that we cannot resolve in our own head or at work and we seek clarification, validation or information from our peers on here. However, to post is to admit you don't really know the answer and that may seem silly to those more experienced nurses with all the answers (like me).

There are many issues that older/experienced nurses have but they probably become too pragmatic in a global understanding and problem-solving way about nursing to need to nut out the nitty gritty of it all and can file it away.

If you want to encourage more posts, I'd suggest some ethical dilemmas and case studies might stir things up (clue: the ones with no real answers get the longest threads!)
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