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Mr Ian
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Absolutely not - did you not read the part in the Nurses Code that says "and I will lay down my life to anyone who feels like kicking the crap out of me for no good reason" ?

ok.. I made that up. In short - I work in secure-psych and I have (successfully) pressed charges against several patients. I know when it's madness and the person "knows not what they do wrong" - and I know when it's downright evil.

Now for the long version:
Even tho when someone appears mad there are reasons why nurses (or any healthcare worker) should not just take crap - we are citizens with rights to feel safe at home or at work just like anyone else.
A bank teller would have no qualms with seeing an armed bank robber go down for 5 - 10 - yet they are tere to 'serve the customer'; so why should a nurse tolerate such behaviour? We are not there to treat someone with a "knife-wielding bad temper" syndrome - we are there to treat clinically sick people.

The law is there to protect us from harm. If your attacker gets a mental defence (but you say he is convicted as charged so this is irrelevant now) then they should still be taken to task and consequences should apply, even if that means being incarcerated in mental hospital. No one has a right - mentally ill or otherwise - to invoke fear in another person without acceptable reason (eg self defence; saving another).

You are not throwing this person in jail or making him pay you lots of money - nor are you condeming or judging him. That's what the courts do.
You are simply asserting your rights that:
a) you are safe at work
b) if anyone compromises that safety, you will access the powers that serve to protect us all to do something about it.

If they choose to incarcerate, fine, detain in hospital or electrocute them - you are not responsible for that. Those are the laws of the state/land in which we live and the chosen ways in which to contain and control unacceptable behaviour.

A patient not only has a right to treatment - they have a responsibility to act as a patient. Once they give up that responsibility - they also give up that right and (nursing) sanctity of being a patient.

PS: your boss is an ignoramus.
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