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Red face night shift , taking turns

We are required, when we are hired to agree to work any rostered shift. In most areas my hospital has 3 X 8 hour shifts, roughly 0645-1515, 1430-2300, 2230-0700. Some areas like ICU do 12 hour shifts, with consequently more nights and a few have a mixure of 8, 10, and 12 hours like ED. In practice many wards have self rostering (requesting on a roster sheet your prefered shift, which you may get, but you may not get all as you wanted as all shifts have to be covered)which I really like. Most wards have a couple of staff who choose to do nights usually for family reasons and the rest of us have to fill in the gaps of shift they are not covering. So we all have to do some nights how many depends on how many the "permanent" night staff do. I have been doing 2 to 4 a month this year, 2 is good (for me)4 is stinky. I just did a night last night, tootling about here is one of my fav things after nightshift (no sharp impliments involved esp brain) spelling mistakes all my own work

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