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Well, I mostly stopped posting after being shouted down at another site which shall remain nameless but that ryhmes with "TallNurses". If you are morally and fiscally conservative, you risk the wrath of I just shut up and left that board.

Secondly, I work in an unusual area (Home Health and Hospice) so much of the discsussion centered on hospitals doesn't really interest me that much, except as a pt and consumer. I'd bag groceries at Wal-Mart before I'd risk my sanity and credentials in an impatient setting.

Third, many boards are dominated by students (I got 75 questions on my NCLEX did I pass??) and foreign nurses with limited English skills trying to get work in the US, Canada, and Australia. Frankly, I want to share ideas with real nurses in
English speaking countries. that enough pot-stirring to get us going??
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