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You mention that there is a need for more nurse educators, and associated this with the nursing shortage in America. I kind of see how this can be tied in with the other issue which has been raised on NV (difficulty getting into nursing school). Is there a need to work around the lack of Nursing Educators and move more towards having preceptorships for nurses, with evaluations and lectures in the hospital setting by a central educator. At the moment the individual teaching institutions hire their own nurses as 'Educators' from the various nursing agencies about the city. I don't think these nurses have any formal teaching qualifications, however they are senior nurses who have been involved in many different areas of nursing, and have usually been ANUMs, etc. Maybe this is the way that nursing eduction will end up going, although there will still be a need for nursing educators in the teaching institutions.

I am sure that the American teaching model is similar to the Australian model, where the teaching institution has their own curriculum which meets the needs of the central registration board.

I'll post a thread on the Students section about teaching styles and how people have/are been taught.
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