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I went looking through Reddit's nursing-related forums and I found a couple:

Company called just launched a new nursing scholarship which looks promising: Five reasons to tell the people you know about the new scholarship

Another company called HireNurses also announced a year ago that they were giving out small scholarships. They just said to send emails, though, so no web address -- but might be worth digging into!

Cherokee uniforms apparently gives out one or more scholarships once a year - program is called "A Nurse I Am" so you could google that. This year they just gave out one, so probably very competitive!

Not a scholarship as such, but the National Health Service Corp runs a loan repayment program, so that's a good opportunity to get your study loans forgiven once you enter the work force. We're talking big amounts, $60k or $100k, but you have to commit to working in an underserved / at need area for several years.
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