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05-12-2011, 08:03 PM
LPNs and Nursing Students Check Here for Nursing Salaries:

Thank you for your comment NP Odyssey. You are absolutely correct; the salary a nurse earns will definitely depend on the region in which she works. This is why I was sure to include that “All salaries vary depending on the region." I've worked as a nurse in VA where most of the starting salaries for LPNs were as low as $16.50 (Hampton Roads) but I’ve also as a nurse worked in other parts of VA where the starting salary for nurses was in the mid $20's. I've worked as a LPN in the Chicago area where the starting salary for LPN was in the mid $20's as well. It also should be mentioned that the starting salary for nurses may vary according to experience because some employers do base their starting salaries for nurses on years of experience up to 10 years.

According to information obtained from LPNs and nursing students who obtain a degree in nursing; becoming a Registered Nurse can make varying salaries depending on the type of job they fill. A RN (Registered Nurse) makes an average salary of $54,510 per year. However, if that Registered Nurse works in an emergency room she may make up to $59, 852 per year. A nurse working as a MDS coordinator may make up to $53,338 per year.( I know of MDS Coordinators who are LPNs and some that are RNs.) A Registered Nurse working as a Charge Nurse may make up to $62,612 per year. A Director of Nursing may make up to $72,059. Of course this information will vary depending on years of experience, education, region in which you are employed and the type of facility you work in.

I have included a pay scale chart below to better reference this discussion, please see below for more detailed information specific to your location. I have more detailed articles on my blog; Please also visit the link below for more detailed information. I found this web site to be a very helpful tool;
Thank you again for your comments.

Hourly Rate Range
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
*Average = $17.68

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Hampton

Hourly Rate Report (United States)
Job: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Hourly Rate by City
City Hourly Rate Data
Tulsa, Oklahoma $15.05 - $18.90
Chicago, Illinois $18.13 - $22.92
Atlanta, Georgia $15.66 - $20.13
Tampa, Florida $15.71 - $20.05
Orlando, Florida $15.52 - $19.95
Indianapolis, Indiana $16.12 - $20.15
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma $15.01 - $19.05

Country: United States | Currency: USD | Updated: 8 May 2011 | Individuals Reporting: 15,383