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07-20-2011, 07:45 AM
Hi everybody, I'm a newbie here, but may I ask for your kindly advice?

I locate in Vietnam and I want to be a nurse. Unfortunately, Nursing school in my country is not highly recommended, and not be accredited international. Therefore, I'm planning to study aboard.

Due to my limited budget, i intend to take a short course (1/2 year) in NSW TAFE Australia, by-which i may only get Certificate 3 as here:
After that, I have to work hard and earn money for my school fees in University.
_ Therefore, I really worry if I can find any job with that certificate - there in Australia? and
_ Does anybody know its average salary?
It's really important since my afterward plan is based on that money. So, if any of you know it by change, pls let me know. :love:

By the way, recently, my friend suggested me to go study in Philippine instead of Australia.
As she said, Philippine university had been accredited international, the school fees are very low too. (With the money for year study in Australia, I can complete 4 years BSN in Philippine.) She also recommences the bellow University:

That would be a very promising prospect, but only if that Uni. really is accredited international. So:

_ May I ask if youve ever hear about this university? Is it really accredited by Australia?
_ Does anybody know nurse who graduated from Philippine University working in Australia?

I gave out quite a lot of questions, and trouble you all a lot. Im so sorry.. But, those information are quite important for my future, so, if you know it, by change (again) please help me, pleaseee..

I greatly appreciate your kindness. Have a nice day.