View Full Version : HELP! Home health care for a friend of the family legal??

09-30-2011, 07:26 PM
My mom's best friend just had surgery. She has a PICC and is getting Rocephin
(sp?) once daily and needs a dressing change once daily. Since she has a PICC her MD reccomended that she go to a rehab facility. She refused and my mom told her that since i am a nurse, that I would come by and do her ATB and dressing change once a day. Which honestly I dont mind doing.

She does have home health come once a week to change her PICC dressing and do an assessment of her wounds. Home health taught her husband to do the atb/flushes and the dressing changes but he is too squeamish to do it so they have "hired" me to come in once a day to do this on the days home health isnt there.

My question is, what kind of legal issues could I run into with this? Is it even legal for me to do this? I am a fairly new nurse, I've only had my license for 2 years. I really dont want to do anything to risk it. Is there any type of paperwork I should have them sign like a hold harmless clause or anything like that in case anything should happen to go wrong?

I did do the dressing change with the home health care nurse to make sure I had the orders correct and I did go through how to administer the antibiotic and when, and she said I should be fine. But again I'm worried about legal issues? Should I just tell her to have the home health come out once a day or find someone else to do it?

I dont mind helping but am feeling a little uncomfortable due t not knowing the full scope of the law as it pertains to these situations I've never been asked to do anything ike this out side of the facility where I work, so this is a new one for me.

Any help would be appreciated.. thanks!

10-03-2011, 01:23 PM
Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so you'll want to consult with a local home health resource on the applicable laws. If it turns out that some federal law applies across the board, do share it.

Good luck!