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04-28-2012, 11:53 PM
I was halfway through nursing school when I left to get married sixty years ago---when I later went back to school I became a social worker so I'm not posting here as a nurse---hope that's OK. But in my husband's recent last illness I had occasion to observe the scene in four hospitals, three of them university medical centers, and I noticed that student nurses don't seem to be as visible as they were back in the day when we put 30 or 40 hours a week on a floor---we were the workhorses of the hospital. The students I see nowadays seem mostly to be observing. At the same time I see a degree of professionalism in the young nurses that we did not rise to---everything now is so high tech---I could not function for five minutes on a floor any more. So I am curious about how clinical learning takes place---perhaps some correspondents would be kind enough to engage with me and let me know how nursing education works now. I see nurses doing so many things that only doctors could do a half-century ago---but I don't see nursing students on a floor getting hands-on experience, so this is a mystery to me. How do they put this together? How much time do they spend now at bedside (or dashing up and down halls)? How long is an OR rotation now? Is simulation mostly used now? How are bedside care and floor administration taught? (BTW I'm not writing a book or anything---just curious---this summer I plan a visit to the hospital where I was in school, so I've been thinking about this lately. Thanks for all replies.)