View Full Version : Need ideas and suggestions that will help revamp our report sheets.

07-04-2012, 08:30 AM
Hello Everyone, I work in a nine-bed ICCU at a small city hospital. The ICU staff as been asked to update the Nurse-to-Nurse phone report sheets we do when we are getting a new patient from the ER, Surgery or the med/surg floors and to design a new daily reporting sheet that will be used when the day shift nurse gives report to the night shift nurse and vice versa. Two of my co-workers and myself have volunteered to attempt to come up with something. I would really like some input from outside our hospital.

What does your place of employment use? Say you were asked to make a report sheet that would be your own ideal sheet, What would your own perfect report sheet look like?

I would really like some input from outside our hospital. If you were asked to make your own report sheet that you would use to take a phone report on a new patient from the ER, what would be on it? What information do you like to know about your patients?

How about an shift-to-shift report? What information would you make sure that the incoming day shift nurse/night shift nurse knows?

If anyone is wondering why we are doing this here's your answer. Our small hospital is undergoing a regime change with a new CEO, new Director of Nursing, a ER director, new Chief of Medicine, about 10 new doctors and a new Nursing Leadership structure. With the new changes and restructuring, its very clear that we have found the right people who will help get our small hospital back on track and help us move forward. The moral in the hospital is so high and everyone is excited about revamping very little thing to make us better. Everything is now being revamped; from new paint colors and new carpeting, to an improved Pharmacy and Cardiopulmonary units, to completely new or updated policies and new charting forms.

Thank you for your time and input!