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08-02-2012, 03:51 PM
Competing with a Younger Generation of RNs Posted Monday, July 30, 2012 by Nurses PRN

Youíre an RN sitting at a staffing agency, well-known healthcare facility, or here at Nurses PRN seeking jobs to further your career. Youíre a couple years past 40; maybe even 45, and you start thinking how you can compete with the 20 somethings right out of school. Doubt starts creeping into you mind, and you fear youíre going to blow this interview. However, fear not, you have nothing to be worried about. In this blog, Iím going to give you some reasons the younger generation should be fearful of you.

Itís true, the younger generation should be fearful of the experienced or mature nurse. Weíve been there, seen that, and done that. Nothing is holding us back from doing anything we want to, but ourselves. Iíve come up with a list of things that the younger generation of nurses just canít match.

1.Life. Weíve been around the block. Weíve experienced life, and most of us have settled down and are working in a career to support our families for the rest of our lives. We have maturity, and a great work ethic. We come to our jobs everyday, and we usually have little in the way of drama from our personal lives. Weíre focused and determined on the bigger picture. During an interview, remind the potential employer that you possess this maturity that younger nurses might not have.

2.Work Experience. More than likely youíve been working as an RN or have held other positions in nursing for several years. Even if youíre new to nursing you at least have many years of work experience that younger people just donít have. You know what is expected of you, no matter the job, and you come to work each and everyday. Plus, all this experience gives you one hell of a resume. Take that, younger generation. Also during the interview youíll have lots to talk about. You have awards, letters of recommendation, recent trainings, and certifications to talk about that the younger generation simply canít touch.

3.Interview Skills. To go along with work experience is interview skills. Youíve been through many interviews and you know what will be asked. You know the standard questions, as well as the ones designed to throw you off. You also know itís best to have a smile on your face, to arrive early, and to dress conservatively.

4.Positive Attitude. This one you might not have, but you should. You have nothing to fear. With everything I listed above, you should go into any interview with your head held high, and a smile on your face. You know you have the experience and the know how to do anything that comes your way.

The biggest advice I can give is to never underestimate yourself. The younger generation cannot hold a candle to all that you, an experienced nurse can offer. If you ever need help with career decisions or need a little coaching, Nurses PRN is always here to help. With that, good luck in your interview and any future ones. I know youíll do great.