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10-27-2012, 02:24 PM
I have a fiance in nursing school. I graduated with an engineering degree a year ago. during my last year of college I moved in with her. She worked while I went to school. now the tables have turned, I am working while she goes to school.

before she started nursing school. she and I checked out nursing schools. I recommended that that either enrolls in an Associates nursing program at a local community college (2 year RN program)or 4 year RN program at a public university. she on the other hand was leaning towards two private colleges, neither of which are regionally accredited. She then enrolled in one of those colleges for a 2.5 year RN program. Her explanation was that she gets into RN program right away and does not need to apply and be on a waiting list. My problem was that its not regionally accredited and the program costs $52,000. long story short, we agreed to disagree and she enrolled in her college of choice. Fast forward to today, we are about $20,000 in day (from this RN program), my fiance wants to "transfer" to another RN program. Her reasons are:
1. She will have a hard time getting into an RN program with a degree from that college.
2. She thinks one of her teachers is an a$$ and she is failing his class, so she does not want to deal with him anymore.
3. This new program is 3 year BSN program, so she does not have to worry about getting into the BSN program.

My problems are:
1. The new program is going to cost us $85,000.
2. she may change her mind again if she finds out that she can't get into grad school with a degree from this college (her ultimate goal is to become a nurse practioner.
3. She's run into another difficult teacher again. That's almost guaranteed.

I guess my biggest problem is that I think that she just want to change schools because she failing a class. She didn't have a problem until she started failing one class. I am afraid that this could happen again. When I was in college there were a lot of people who dropped out college just because they were failing a class or two. I think that people don't realize how hard college is, you have have to stay focussed and go get it. If I dropped out of school because the teacher was difficult, I would not have made it this far.

our initial plans were that she will do a 2 year RN program then, we get married and start a family, then she can do a 1 year RN to BSN bridge. With her starting over, it could be another 3 to 4 years before we start a family. I want to be supportive of her but I am not at peace with this decision. maybe someone here who is familiar with nursing programs/career can enlighted me on the benefits of going to this new program. Sorry about the long msg and my venting.