View Full Version : Rejecting a job after accepting

10-30-2012, 04:17 PM
Hello everyone,

I am a third year student nurse, finishing placement in 2 weeks but don't officially qualify until january waiting for results/nmc etc.

I have been offered a job at a hospital which is an hour away from where I live. They are wanting me to give them confirmation ASAP when i receive my job offer letter from them, of whether I am going to accept the job or not.

However I want more time to decide/wait to hear back from other jobs I have applied for which are closer to home.

I am incredibly grateful to be offered a job in today's economic climate, I am just worried of the expense of the petrol it is going to cost me to drive there, the wear and tear on my car and the long hours and getting up early, and the weather conditions i may have to drive in.

Does anyone know the dos and don'ts of applying for jobs. I have heard so many different things from uni and the staff on my ward. A uni lecturer said i could get blacklisted whereas other people have said that would never happen. Does anyone know if i can accept this job and then change my mind if i get one which is closer/in my home town?

Thanks for your help