View Full Version : Questions for nursing veterans from a recent college grad

11-12-2012, 02:39 AM
Hello all! I'm a recent college grad who is considering entering the field of nursing. I graduated a year ago with my BS in psychology and have spent the last year working as a child development counselor in a residential treatment facility. After working alongside nurses in this position I've become interested in possibly becoming a nurse. I've always loved psychology and working in clinical environments but I'm interested in expanding to nursing without losing too much involvement with mental health. Can anybody with a nursing degree who works in the mental health specialty offer any recommendations?

Additionally, I'm a little confused about my options for entering the field, though. Since I already have a BS in a health-related field am I qualified to apply to a masters program for nursing? Specifically, I am interested in programs for nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists. Do entry-level programs exist for these specialties?

I'd love any advice and knowledge that you all are willing to share with me! I'm interested in figuring out my future but I'm a little overwhelmed by all of the options in nursing!
Thank you in advance!