View Full Version : Welcome to the New Members!!!!!

09-10-2007, 09:55 AM
Hey, we have a new member this morning!

Welcome to gigi!!!! :party:

Don't be shy Gigi! Dive on it, the water is fine!!!!

09-10-2007, 07:31 PM
Gigi, welcome to Nursing Voices. :wave:

09-20-2007, 03:54 AM
I posted this up front too, but new member TwinMamaLinda has registered!

Welcome :party:!

09-21-2007, 11:07 PM
Just wanted to say welcome to the new members. Why are new members not posting? :D I'm super happy there are people registering for Nursing Voices, but posting would be totally awesome too. :)

09-22-2007, 03:50 AM
I agree Jess, I can't believe that if they are nurses they haven't got more to say!!


09-22-2007, 10:46 PM
Holy cow! I just looked and right now it is:

Currently Active Users: 40 (2 members and 38 guests)

Wow, it's great to see so many guests, but it would be more great if they joined! :) I think this is the most guests I've seen since I've been here!

09-13-2013, 03:56 AM
What’s the difference between Mother Teresa and a nurse? Mother Teresa only has to serve one God.
—Cami Arnold Miller