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04-14-2013, 04:41 PM
I understand that nursing and healthcare is changing so much. Based on some of the feedback I received, it seems there are many problems that can effect nursing job satisfaction and nursing performance. It seems like there is not much time to care for patients. Poor job satisfaction to occur more in places where management is not demonstrating the best leadership. I agree that each nurse is responsible for her/his attitude on the unit. In spite of weak leadership (changing healthcare, finances), nurses must take responsibility for being the change they want to see and have a good attitude. The magic question is... How can a nurse do this?

I am trying to do some research on the problem and the solution.

So far the problems are:

1. High Patient Assignments
2. Weak-Ineffective Leadership focusing on budgets.
3. Overworked Tired Nurse
4. New younger generation of nurses having challenges
5. Being Surrounded by Grumpy miserable nurses, which effect you on the floors or units


1. Stand up and verbalize the challenges together.
2. Get active in the unit and politically
3. Be responsible for your own attitude.
4. Do not be afraid to communicate with leadership

These problems with job satisfaction can lead to bullying, sick calls, turnover

Any input would be appreciated