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08-02-2013, 03:55 PM
Hi Everyone,
So I'm new to Nursing-voices. I am a NJ RN who has recently been reprimanded while working for a small South NJ privately owned home-healthcare company. I was reprimanded specifically because the board claims that I didn’t confirm that the aides were certified. However, I did, but in order for me to prove/fight that with the board, I have to take them to court. As you can imagine, I don’t have the money or the time to fight the NJ State Board of Nursing. While my attorney did her best to negotiate with the board, I have had to settle for a reprimand which as you know will follow me for the rest of my professional career. My attorney informed me that there is a task force that is auditing privately owned home healthcare company’s (specifically agencies that are not owned my medical professional’s) throughout the state of NJ. Because these agencies are privately owned and need to abide by specific regulations, they can only “punish” these agencies to a certain extent. However, they can go after anyone who is licensed under them, hence me! I have heard through the “grape-vine” that RN’s throughout the state are being wrongfully reprimanded and/or having their licenses suspended or even revoked due to this task-force. My attorney refers to it as nothing more than a “witch hunt”.

With all of the above being said, I think that this needs to be brought to someone’s attention! I think it’s disgusting how RN’s are being treated and their lively-hoods are or can be effected by this, and they have no protection. I plan to contact the Governor’s office, local councilman, and even the media and make them aware of what is happening and I feel that this task-force needs to be investigated. I’m looking for some guidance as to how I can go about contacting and/or reaching out to other nurses that have been effected by this “witch-hunt” I know I can go on the board’s site to search, but it seems that I need names in order to do that Please response if you have been effected by this or if you know another RN that has been. Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you!