View Full Version : My invention can replace the hoyer system...

08-31-2013, 06:03 AM
I am not a Nurse, but I made my father a machine that is so simple and effective to use and would like to get feedback from you fine nurses. Do you tire of using the Hoyer system?? Does your backs strain from it?? do you feel 100% comfortable with its safety features?? My machine is electronic, you sit the patient up at his bed side, roll my machine up to the patient, there is a sliding saddle that goes between his legs, push the hoist to raise or lower to height of bed. he now grabs the two side rails, and merely pulls himself 2 inches onto the sliding saddle... unlock the seat and he slides forward to the center post, seat locks automatically, nurse will mount backrest, unlock casters and away to the rest room, roll the machine to the toilet, lower the hoist the toilet height, and reverse all he did to mount onto machine. The patient will never have to twist his body, as my father always had to, my father broke his hip trying to get from the bed to the wheel chair.. It hurt me so much to see him in pain all the time he had to use the rest room.. My sister is a registered nurse in Philadelphia, she hates using the hoyer system. I am curious to know how many nurses also dislike the hoyer system and what they think about a machine that the patient can actually board himself with very little assistance, keep in mind that this machine keeps the patient in the same position at all times, no matter if he was to mount a car, sofa, bed, wheel chair and so on, he would just merely move 2 inches and he's on... I have already made my prototype and its a gem to operate... All I seek is feed back from the professional nurse. God bless you all. Reynaldo

I can and will send photo if you are interested.