View Full Version : HELP! NEED FEEDBACK! New Medical Keyboard

03-30-2014, 10:35 PM
Hi. I am an engineering student at Cooper Union. For a school project, I am developing a new medical keyboard made for hospitals. In order to meet the class requirements, I am required to get a ridiculous amount of interviews from medical professionals. I have tried going to different local hospitals and talking to medical personnel to no luck. All the nurses and doctors are super busy and many hospitals have company policies against discussing things with outsiders. THIS IS MY LAST HOPE. Please help!!!!!

The main features of the keyboard is self-sanitizing with UVC light. The keyboard is completely flat, and is similar to a touch surface. In addition to only cleaning when no one is using the keyboard, it can also sanitize your phones, tablets and other devices in a sanitation chamber.

Is this something that nurses and doctors will be interested? Why and why not? How can I better improve it? What are the current problems with regular keyboards?


PS. I hope this thread is acceptable and in the appropriate forum. Please remove or edit if inappropriate.