View Full Version : Internship - staff nurse attitude - Advise???

06-26-2014, 02:11 PM
Hi everyone, i am a fourth year internship mature student in my final leg of the course. I have been experiencing difficulties with a staff nurse of late and I am unsure how to deal with the situation.

Firstly she is rude and sharp in her demands. She is unhelpful and unsupportive. She talks down to students and I'm not even sure if she realises it. A staff nurse pulled her on her manner on how she spoke to me one day and she just ignored it.

The other day I went to sit in a chair to finish up writing my notes when she came from behind and clipped me on the shoulder and told me to get off her chair that she was sitting there. I was sitting with the junior doctor at the time who had confirmed to me that there was nobody sitting there. I thought at first she was messing until i looked up and saw her glaring down at me telling me to get up that all her files were there and that it was her seat. I got up in shock and just walked away. Felt like I was in primary school again. I was so embarrassed.

Then another day on my caseload of patients was a woman who had cancer she was in her 50's, when i had been in last week she was doing good, up and mobile and talking then on this day she had rapidly deteriorated overnight and was now at end of life. I found this difficult and did my best to provide comfort to her and do what i could all while taking care of my other patients also. I was so busy that day. When the said nurse came on duty she gave out as i had not filled in the fluid balance chart, i explained how busy i was and that i was sorry and she continued to say how it wasn't good enough and kept going on and on about it....i felt so intimidated! She really does not know how to deal with students I don't believe she should be a preceptor or have anything to do with students as she doesn't build confidence or offer support.

I would like to hear what others think of this as it has really upset me and i can't stop thinking about it.