View Full Version : Can a Mid-30's Guy become a nurse? How?

08-29-2014, 05:29 AM

I was hoping you could get me started in the right direction.

A little about me.

Since I was young I wanted to be many things. Firefighter, Navy Seal, Paramedic, just to name a few. But some of those careers didn't happen for one reason or another. I've have/had one major obstacle, epilepsy. For over 20+ years I suffered from Complex Partial Seizures. I have been dealing with this throughout high school and some college.

A few months back I had Temporal Lobe Surgery for my epilepsy. So far so good, everything looks good. A future without seizures looks very possible. That made me think of possible career paths I could choose. What would be a good choice? Nursing seemed to be a good fit. Not just any type of nurse, but a neurology nurse. Being a person with (controlled) epilepsy being able to help others with epilepsy sounds good.

I would like to know about the nursing schools in and around Albany, NY. Which ones offer the best training for the money? What schools offer financial aid? What area hospitals offer any work/study type programs?

I would appreciate any help from nurses and nursing students in the area.