View Full Version : The 88% Challenge on health literacy - with $3K prize

10-31-2014, 10:43 AM
Hello nurses of nursingvoices! I wanted to post here to tell you all about a video contest that my company is sponsoring on health literacy that I hope you will all be interested to participate in (you can win up to $3,000!). It's called the 88% Challenge, after the 88% of Americans who are considered to have below proficient health literacy.

As nurses I imagine you encounter a daily struggle to communicate information to patients in a way that they are able to fully understand. Our contest hopes to spread awareness about this issue as well as to build a library of short videos on health and medical terms that anyone can access online. At the challenge website - you can select one of the terms, and then just make a short (88 seconds or less) video explaining it in a way that is easy to understand. Then upload it to YouTube and submit the link using the form on our website. You can also view a short video about health literacy and the Challenge here:

I'm sure that you can all recognize the importance of this issue, and I hope that you take part in the Challange, and encourage you to spread the word among your friends and colleagues as well! I hope to see your videos rolling in soon, and please feel free to email :-)

Thanks much,

Erin Johnson @ Transcendent Endeavors