View Full Version : Male nurse and beards?

Jarl Redbeard
12-18-2014, 09:36 AM
Hello everyone. I will be starting school for my RN degree in January. Coming from the IT field, it hasn't ever really been an issue for me to wear a beard to work, short or long. In Nursing, I'm not sure if it will be allowed or not. I have heard some yes and no answers, but wanted to get some firsthand opinions from real nurses. I'm including a picture (not sure who it is, just found the picture of this guy on a Google search), but the picture demonstrates about how long I usually like to wear my beard. I have heard that you have to be able to pass the respirator test and you can't with a beard, but I've also heard that it's possible to wear the full face mask instead. I don't know for sure though. Any help?