View Full Version : Aggregate Unit for Involuntary Admissions in an inpatient Unit

07-20-2015, 03:57 PM
Hi, all!! I an Assistant Nurse Manager who works in a Baker Act (state of Florida's term for involuntary admissions) aggregate unit in a PCU level medical floor in Florida Hospital - Orlando. I am just wondering if there's anyone out there who works in a unit or hospital similar to mine.

These patients are the ones who are involuntarily admitted to be treated i.e Tylenol overdose but are not medically cleared yet to go to an inpatient psychiatric unit. These specific patients are targeted and admitted to my floor (PCU medical) in the meantime.

Any Baker Acts to be admitted from the ED are targeted to come to my unit (not unless they are ICU bound). They go to any medical floor if we don't have the bed available. Once we start having discharges, we start doing the lateral move to transfer them to my floor.

Our hospital made the decision to pool all Baker Acts in the same unit to streamline responses from security (directly come to a unit or location as opposed to running around from one end of the hospital to the other) response granted our patients starts acting out. Also, the plan of care is more followed through since the charge nurse participates in daily conference calls with the medical physician, psychiatric physician and the intake personnel (who are assigned to find psychiatric placement in the community) thereby decreasing LOS. All our nurses (we are not primarily psych nurses) in our unit undergo training in terms of how to handle patients who are starting to escalate, how to talk, how to listen...