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02-02-2008, 09:53 PM
I have been a Nurse's Assistant for about 8 months. I am currently studying to be an RN.

In the beginning, the occupation as a Cena appeared to be a wonderful job to me and being that there are SO many opportunities to move up inside of the health care field itself, getting trained and finding a position in a hospital or Nursing home was a smart idea. RNs are in large demand right now.

I have worked at 2 nursing homes so far, and from my experience working as a CNA is one of the most risky jobs you can ever have. While I think the job itself can be relatively easy--especially if you work the midnight shift-- and it can be very challenging--the hectic day shift--it is a wonderful and rewarding job and I enjoy it when you are amongst ppl who are FAIR.

Unfortunately, from my recent experiences I think being a CNA is not a reliable job, and often you work at the mercy to some of the most wicked, scheming, prejudice, discrimanatory ppl in the industry. In this field it is VERY easy to get lied on, and get fired, there is absolutely nothing to protect us from the malicious ways that go on. We are pretty much disposable. It is very hard to keep a job in this field

I am working at a Nursing home with a LPN, who has an infamous reputation for firing Nurse's Assistants like its a sport. She is very manipulative--she has poured water in residents diapers in efforts to besmirch an employees reputation so they can get terminated. She will pick a target, and harass this person until they get fired or they quit.

I am her "target" I have been working there for almost 3 months. I have not yet reached my 90 days, and it's obvious she does not want me to. She has turned up the heat on her treacherous ways because I am getting close to my last days of probation.

Lately, this wicked LPN has been watching me--another employee confirmed this--I feel her eyes on me when I am working. Everytime I pass by I feel her eyes follow wherever I go. I am a very hardworker, I come to work everyday on time, never called off. I am somewhat of a fast worker--I simply cannot help this though once i get going it's like an andrenaline rush.

Since I work the midnight shift anywhere from 3-5 residents have to be up and in the dining room from 5-7am in the morning. I have found a routine that works for me to where I get most of them dressed and ready in the 5 hr bracket. Depending on the residents that I have for that night I get some dressed a bit early because they are my hardest patients. If you start them later then you will end up staying over your shift which will result in write ups. Many employees practice this as well.

The wicket LPN never had a problem with this until the past few weeks. She has noticed that I always have my residents up and dressed promptly and on time in the morning. I am about my business. She has confronted me about this and told me that I get them dressed too early and I explained to her why I have to with certain residents. She wants to make a Cenas job miserable and difficult by being against this.

Last night, the wicked LPN instigated a conflict. While, I was doing my rounds, she pops into the room and tells me that another resident needs to go to the bathroom while I am in the midst of changing someone's brief. (Lately, she has been making a habit of interrupting me in the middle of one thing, to tell me to do something else that really doesn't need to be done in any kind of urgency. This is her scheme to try to throw me off and cause work conflict. She wants me to fall behind) The resident that she "claimed" needed to go to the bathroom is continent and usually pulls her call light when she has to go...I am at this woman's mercy so after I finished changing the resident's brief I do what she says and go to the residents room to take her to the bathroom--only to find that this woman is in a deep sleep and is snoring--obviously she has been sleep for hours and does not need to go go the bathroom. She is continent and in her right mind--she let's you know when she has to go. Still, I tap the woman on the shoulder and wake her up, I ask her if she has to go. She replies that she doesn't. I make sure by asking her several times, she assures me that she doesn't have to pee. I try to encourage her to get up, but she refuses. The residents do have rights. Therefore, I tell her I will come back later and try again just in case.

I leave and assist another resident..the wicked LPN comes in after me as I am changing a brief..and asked me if I took the other resident to the bathroom..when I tried to explain to her what happened when I went in there--she cuts me off, and presumes that I "refused to take orders" and will write me up. I remained calm as I tried to defend myself then later realized its best to stay quiet. The wicked LPN was purposely being very quarrelsome and unprofessional. She left the room and said she will write me up.

Moments later she drags another Nurse from a different station brings her into the residents room while I am still working, points her fingers and says, "you see this GIRL, she will not do what i say. I told her to take a resident to the bathroom but she did not do it." She went on and I felt humilated and embarassed, felt like I was being bullied. The other Nurse had nothing to do with what was going on, and what she did was childish.

When the two left the room, I could hear the wicked LPN loudly saying in a nasty and harsh tone, "that girl i told her to take that resident to the room but she didn't want to do it..." and some other things. I felt belittled that a person in her position would stoop so low.

Now, I get a call today that I was taken off the schedule to work, and that I have to attend a meeting with the administrator and Charge Nurse Monday. I honestly feel like I do not stand a chance to keep my job and will be fired. I really liked my job but it was the wicked LPN who made things worse. This type of stuff has happened to me in the past where you get Nurse's who like to habitually LIE on Cenas because they think low of us.

I don't know what to do

02-03-2008, 09:04 AM

I think it is a good idea to meet with the administrator and the charge RN. When you do speak with them, please consider addressing:

- your desire to work well with both the patients and staff
- how you have done your work to date
- your concern about the poor communication between you and the LPN
- your sense that the LPN does not respect you.

Please do also ask what you could do to improve.

Do not (as you did in your post) use the phrase, "This type of stuff has happened to me in the past where you get Nurse's who like to habitually LIE on Cenas because they think low of us." Generalizing and assigning motive will not help you. Please stick to the specifics of your concerns.

Please let us know how things progress for you. And congratulations on your nursing studies.


02-03-2008, 09:36 AM
Hard times.

As we say to all people who are in trouble with their workplace. Stop, Breath and Think. (Let us all do it now............)

Write down your story, even if you know what you are going to say, and take it with you in dot point. You should be given a chance to tell your story after you have been told the offense. Keep it simple and short with no he said she said. (eg. I was changing ..... when Nurse ..... came and told me that .... needed to go to the toilet. I though this was strange because ... always calls. I finished with ...(first patient) and went to ....'s(2nd pt) room to find her asleep, concerned that she might have dozed off again I gently woke her to take her to the toilet, she however said that she hadn't called and didn't..... (you get the point))

Get the admin to follow up with the pts about how you are going, not just the nurses, esp if they don't have dementia. Report concerns to the RN on duty, you are one in a team and all should be doing their share of the dirty work.

With regards to the suspicion that the LPN is putting water in patients pads, you can tell when it is urine as it will smell, no matter how new it is. Report the fact and the number of changers required as incontinence++++ in your bowel&bladder book for review by doctor (as large amounts is a sign of kidney troubles). This will get someone else on the case and hopefully it gets traced back to her/him (the LPN).

Lastly, why isn't the LPN taking pts to the toilet. We all should be doing it PCA/CNA/LPN/EN/RN alike.

Hope this is of help. (I will re-read you post again now and if anymore I will post again)

02-03-2008, 10:39 AM
somehow this story just seems strange. I know that coworkers do sometimes target someone and *pick* on them, but to this extent without anyone else noticing? I'm wondering how much of this is just perspective?

I'm thinking it is time to step back and try harder to look at this objectively. When you keep finding yourself in the same situation in different places, you have to look at the common denominator. Most often that is ourselves. If this has happened before, we need to look at ourself to see how we are contributing to the situation before we can point fingers at others.

02-03-2008, 11:05 AM
I find that documentation is the key that helps all personnell alike. You ARE permitted to document on the patient's chart. Use exact quotes whenever possible. (ie: went into patient's room; patient resting quietly with eyes closed. Awoke patient from sleep to go to restroom. Patient states, "I don't have to go right now." Patient A&O x3. Call light within reach.) That alone has got to get the LPN off your back.

02-03-2008, 10:39 PM
It is sad to see that this LPN does not seem to want to work with you. The best way to cover your own work is like some of the others have written, is to write down what you are doing/have done. Are you the only one who the LPN picks on??Perhaps she is uncomfortable working with you because you are more than just a CNA-you are working towards the goal of becoming an RN:) The best advice I could give you is to keep a journal of how you do things/what approaches you take and bring it up to a charge nurse/ admin. The more you write down to cover your own butt the better you can do to help yourself and those who are in a position of power but are not on the floor with you when these incidences are occuring. It sounds like you are doing a good job and so keep up the good work and keep caring for your patients the way you feel is right. Good Luck with the admin meeting and good luck wiht your studies!

Mr Ian
02-04-2008, 03:21 AM
My advice is to print your post off and just give it to the Charge Nurse.

It says it how it is as you call it how you see it. I'm not saying you're right or wrong in any or every aspect of what you wrote; but these are your honest words and it is very rare that they are the same words you will use in a 1:1 (or 2:1) interview when all you'll be thinking of is protecting your honour and your a$$.

If they are worth anything in the positions they are in - they will read your words and do something positive about them.

If they can't hack reading it - then leaving is a good thing.

02-07-2008, 05:55 PM

Well, I attended the conference today, and told my side of the story. I have to tell ya, that Nurse did not even acknowledge the confrontation that had occured. She tried to use the fact that I was late for my break etc things she can't prove. She doesn't know what time the CNAs come back..and then that I dressed a resident too early.

Also the Nurse says in her write-up that the night I went home, a Nurse's Assistant from the day shift confided in her how a resident said that 'some girl' was mean to her earlier, and took her to the bathroom, then sat her down and instantly got her up without letting her urinate. And that she was not washed up or anything before her brief was placed on her. When they asked the lady who 'this girl' was, she said she didn't know.

Honestly, this is bogus. The woman is obese, there is no way in hell that I am going to go through all that effort it takes to assist her into the wheelchair and toilet then immediately pick her up without barely letting her sit down for long. Yeah right. I want to rest and don't mind how long she sits! You can't even get her up that easily if you tried, it takes her awhile to pull herself up and that's just from the toilet seat. As for washing her up, I wiped her with tissue.

This is a set-up. No one likes that Nurse, she is loathed by too many. Even when her mother died, many ppl did not sympathize with her, and said she got what was coming to her. In the past, a group of CNAs who had had plotted to kill her! I doubt any CNA would mention anything like that to her--except for two older women there who are her friends. I think she got one of them to lie for her. I was told that the day shift CNA will be in the conference with the Nurse when they hear the other side of the story.

How convienient for something like that to occur the same day so she can use it to her advantage.

I was told they will call me and let me know their decision once they hear both sides of the story. The Nurse was scheduled to come in after me. I am not so sure about this one, because the Nurse used some really good shady tactics against me to get me out of there. I will hope that they will look at the whole picture, at how she has 3 CNAs who have written letters and specfically requested that they do not work with her anymore. And they don't.

I am very disappointed that they do not seem at all concerned by their employees well-being. I explained to them how the Nurse was very disrespectful and talked down to me. She was quarrelsome, and was one step away from going into a rage. How do they expect the residents to be treated well if the CNAs are not with a nurse like this??? If I were older, I don't think she would have talked to me like that at all. This woman is going around making ppl miserable and they don't seem to care at all. She has gotten many complaints from other employees. I truly hope they will finally see the light.

I hope that I still have my job, I truly do. My parents will be dissappointed. And it will be hard for me to find another place who will compromise with my schedule.

02-07-2008, 05:56 PM
posting updates from the other forum I posted it on



Bad news they called me and left a message on my voicemail saying that I was "still off the schedule" and to call back when I get a chance. Well, I called back and spoke with one of the RN's who told me that they are going to have to keep me "off the schedule" because I have too many issues and it hasn't even been 90 days. It would have been 90 days on the 14 of this month. The RN was hasty to get off the phone with me and I figured once they make up their mind that is it. I've been let go from jobs before and there is no turning back. I just took what she said and politely said goodbye.

The weird thing is is that someone called me yesterday asking me if I could work the afternoon shift which I declined, then they call me today to fire me?? That is so bizarre.

Since I have allowed things to sink in I am very upset and no longer have the desire to work as a CNA anymore. I might work in retail while I puruse my career in Nursing. It seems that being a CNA is a very powerless position, and there is nothing you can do to protect you from unfair treatment.

I seriously think that the LPN was out to sabotage my job, and she succeeded. Whatever "test" she put me up to I must have failed miserably and as a result I ended up terminated. The real reason why the LPN was out to get me was purely personal, I happen to think that people who are young are often easy targets IMO. They tend to pick on ppl who are in the 18-25 bracket because they figure we are young, stupid, and powerless. When I heard about her repuation of firing ppl I had a gut feeling that I would be the type to get caught up and let go. I just knew it. She probably sensed some kind of weakness in me. Not trying to sound paranoid but that LPN was watching me moreso than any other CNAs. And I know it's their job--but you know when someone has a very watchful eye on you. Anytime I walked pass her she would always look to see what I was doing, her eyes would just always follow me and I did not understand why. She never did this to other people as much because I watched her.

Whatever it is this LPN is doing, the nursing home must like it. Because they did not care at all about how disrespected me and referred to me as "that girl" in a derrogatory term, nor did they seem at all concerned at how she uses intimidation to get CNAs to do what she says. If I were older, she would have NEVER spoke to me like that.

The last day that I worked, I was in the midst of getting towels and cleaning up a resident, she asked me if I was going to take another resident to the bathroom, and I calmy replied, "as soon as I get finished with Ms. Johnson". And she gave me this evil glare like she was up to something wicked. I will never foget that look she gave me. I knew my fate was sealed after that day.

My mother told me to contact the labor relations for unfair termination, so that is what I am going to do. And I will also call the job tomorrow to get a better explanation as to why I was let go. In fact, I will basically give them a piece of my mind because I feel like I was taken advantage of. I don't know, maybe they save money when axe people before their 90s are up...i'm not sure..

02-07-2008, 06:00 PM
somehow this story just seems strange. I know that coworkers do sometimes target someone and *pick* on them, but to this extent without anyone else noticing? I'm wondering how much of this is just perspective?

I'm thinking it is time to step back and try harder to look at this objectively. When you keep finding yourself in the same situation in different places, you have to look at the common denominator. Most often that is ourselves. If this has happened before, we need to look at ourself to see how we are contributing to the situation before we can point fingers at others.

Actually, this LPN has a reputation for picking on people. The minute you are employed and on the floor other CNAs let you know who to look out for and she is often that LPN that you have to be careful around.

A lot of people notice when someone is being picked on, but they simply will turn the other cheek because they are glad that it's not them! And can you blame them? They have mouths to feed and want to keep their job.

An older lady in her 50s had problems with this LPN but they worked with her, the two of them were at each other's throat but they placed her on another unit, and started scheduling her on days tha the LPN did not work.

Unfortunately, the same could not be done for me and I was let go. I was only a week from my 90 days. But I don't think that LPN ever intended for me to stay long. She purposely made sure she plucked me out of there just in time. Mind you, I had my days cut back and I was not there all the time. And after coming back from a 4 day hiatus she does this and BAM now I have no job. I am very disappointed and angry right now

02-07-2008, 11:41 PM
...and BAM now I have no job. I am very disappointed and angry right now


I am truly sorry for your troubles.

You have an opportuntity now to begin again. As you are aware, often the only thing we can change about a situation is our approach to it. I wish you well as you seek new employment and as you seek to become the best CNA you can possibly be.

I suspect there are many in this forum who are willing to share their own stories of what they learned from personal mistakes, from injustices, and/or from unfortunate employment placement.

I shall be the first: my transition from ambulance nursing to floor nursing was difficult. I missed the excitement of emergency medicine in the field. I missed the emotional intimacy with my partners. I missed the culture. I was scared and bored and lonely - and it showed.

My preceptor intrepreted this as lack of respect toward him and the unit. He began to act in a most unprofessional manner. Finally, within minutes of the beginning of a shift, he flew into a very public rage. So what did I do? I quit talking to him. I felt so sorry for myself. Later that night, while we were at dinner with a number of other nurses, he attacked me verbally. As he was going on and on about my behavior and about undermining his authority it suddenly occured to me: I had brought this on myself.

I waited for him to stop talking. Then I said, "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I did not mean to upset you. I should have said this earlier, but I did not know how. I am scared. I need this job, but it is so unlike anything I have ever done. I know how to work in an ambulance, but I do not know how to work here. If you want to stop being my preceptor, I will understand. But I hope you will keep me. I could learn a lot from you. I am very sorry."

My preceptor sat in shocked silence. The other nurses looked at me, at him, and at me again. Then he said, "OK."

I was given a different preceptor the next week. She and I got along very well in part because she knew what had happened (the entire unit knew what had happened) and in part because I had become teachable.

I hope this true story from my distant past is helpful to you.


02-10-2008, 03:43 AM
Actually, this LPN has a reputation for picking on people. The minute you are employed and on the floor other CNAs let you know who to look out for and she is often that LPN that you have to be careful around. Obviously not so. If all of you were to complain then I'm sure something would have to be done. It can't look good for the facilities books if they are going through a new CNA every 90 days.

A lot of people notice when someone is being picked on, but they simply will turn the other cheek because they are glad that it's not them! And can you blame them? They have mouths to feed and want to keep their job. Yes I can blame them, they are part of the problem. You are supposed to be a team!

I doubt you will have much luck with the unfair dismissal claim as this is what the 90 days are for, and they will just say they the found you not appropriate for the job. But I think that you deserve a meeting with them and be told face to face why you are not getting any more shifts, and this should be done by the manager of the place, not by one of the RNs which is on the shift. When you contact them, ask for the reasons to be in writing as you would like to address them before going for another job (this will put the pressure on them to have some good reasons) and if they are coming say things that you don't agree with raise your concerns. You should also be able to bring someone in with you for the 'exit interview'. If you are part of the union it could be a representative, otherwise it could be a nurse from the facility who you are friends with, or depending on how young you are and how knowledgeable you parents are it could be one of them (only works if they are managers in other companies and have experience hiring and firing people; but be careful of this option as they are there to mainly to observe and only but in when they see a misjustice)

02-21-2008, 06:21 PM
This kind of stuff drives me crazy. If these nurses have enough time to pick on others, put water in diapers and the CNAs have enough time to be bickering with the LPNs then somebody has got too much time on their hands. Where is the Nurse Supervisor?

All of this sort of thing takes away from PATIENT CARE. It is the patients that suffer when nurses are too busy stabbing each other in the back to do their jobs effectively. If patient care came first--they should all realize that everyone is there for a common purpose--that is to provide care to the patients.

I suppose if I were DON of this facility I would be working a few of these shifts. The nurses would not like that so they would either shape up or ship on out.

Usually in nursing facilties there is a steady staff--75% of staff in a good home with patient care as a priority--75% are there and like their jobs and intend to stay. The other 25% is a revolving door. It is because of one reason--nursing is not for everyone. It takes a specail compassionate caring individual to do what we do everyday. We have to be there for one reason--to care for the residents/patients. Anything else is a hinderance.

We had a problem one time with some LPNS and CNAs bringing their personal problems to work--it flowed over into fussing and bickering amongst themselves. So we put a garbage can at the time clock and a sign on it that said--leave you problems here.

The resident's are priority one.