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03-09-2008, 11:07 AM
Well, I have said all I came to say.
Thank you Joy for being so nice to me here. I guess as a retired old disabled nurse I just don't belong any more in the active world of nursing.
I continue to write as a nurse Author and I one of my stories is going to be published by Kaplan Publishing in the anthology they are doing. Actually they are going to use one of them as a promotional tool.
I've left my footprint. And a great deal of my heart.
It is been a joy to see so many read the post on the Encourgaging Nurses thread.
I feel as though my writings are too long for the forum and that I've said all I need to. Moving on to different avenues now.
Thank you for having me and not kicking me out in the very beginning. It has been a blessing.
God be with you all as you dedicated your life to the care of others. My prayer is that you do so with compassion.
God speed
Angela Posey-Arnold RN BSN

03-09-2008, 11:25 AM
Angela, I am puzzled as to why you think that you have nothing to contribute here, when quite obviously you do. You have years of experience in nursing and have formed opinions, knowledge and skills that will not be lost however long after you cease to be a practising nurse. Your posts are often quite long, but that is fine. Just because people don't necessarily contribute to the threads that you start or add to doesn't mean they don't read them. This forum (as with many others) always has about 8-10 people reading posts to 1 who is an active member and therefore someone who contributes.

Nursing Voices needs people like you. I really hope you reconsider and stay in our midst.

03-09-2008, 12:03 PM

Please stay. You have much to contribute. And as for your posts... some of them are longish. But so what? They are read by more than just a few. Furthermore, if you need to learn the beauty of conciseness, well, there are quite a few folk here who are able to get their points across well with only a few words.

So please stay! Sit. Bark when you feel like it. And keep planting those seeds.


ps Your jokes were helpful to me this weekend. The hospital was hospitalish all over. I lost my sense of humor a couple of times but your goofy post gave me a bit of strength.

03-09-2008, 03:59 PM
I too am puzzled over your leaving. If it is because there haven't been a lot of responses to your posts, it may because they are pretty complete in and of themselves -- not asking questions, or posing things that are provocative and garner debate and discussion. That doesn't mean they aren't appreciated. As you said, you know people are reading them.

As for length, I'm not exactly succinct with my writing here (I've got to do enough of that in my "real life") and no one has told me to cut down my length.

I agree, your years of experience and reflection are valuable.

What where you hoping for/expecting from the forum? What are you needs from this space?