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03-17-2008, 08:37 AM

Just wanted to say hi and introduce our new website to your forum and maybe get some additional feedback about what you think about our site.

My Husband and I decided to build this site after one of my RN friends told me how she had such a hard time finding the right school for her Masters in Nursing.

Anyways, here it is. It lists all the accredited schools that offer a Masters in Nursing Degree and its organized by state. We would appreciate any feedback you have.


03-20-2008, 05:58 PM
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So my response is this: Thats great Mastersinnursing, you have a good website there detailing a massive number of courses offering Masters courses. But how do you know that you have chosen the right course from a few lines of text? What is in it for you and since this is a nursing forum, why don't you tell us a bit more about specific issues in nurses that are important to you?

03-24-2008, 03:01 PM
That must have taken a lot of time to do. A few point to make it easier to navigate.
1. Quick tabs or links
I don't really care about programs in California. I should be able to skip to the state of my choice without scrolling through the others.

2. Its a .com so how are you making money from this do the school's pay you since there are no advertising.

3. There isn't an orgranization based on major either. It would be valuable if a student interested in say community health could pull up all the programs related to this. Perhaps the more rare majors like MSn in tropical medicine or Neonatal MSN. etc

Thanks for the effort. Jason