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06-04-2008, 12:03 AM
For a lack of other topics I thought I might raise this one.

Who has patient ratios?
How did you get them (nurses fought for them as part of conditons, or government suggested it)?
Do you find them beneficial?

In our state we have 4 to 1 ratios for acute, 5 to 1 for non-acute and private, and 1:1 for Crit care. These are agreed ratios with under our working conditions agreement. In most cases they work well. However hospitals are now thinking that they need to take on more Div2 nurses (LPN) who are not able to do as much but are cheaper than Div1 (RN). The ratios are also only nurse to patient, not the type of nurse to patient. This means that if an RN calls in sick, they could be replaced by a Div2. I believe we are the only state to have patient ratios and it has just been renewed with our new work place agreement (2007). I have found it very beneficial, and of course if you are busy with your four and someone else is free, they help you out as well (for a bit). I have also experienced team nursing where two nurses take on ten patients together (usually a div1 and div2 together in a private hospital).

So how about everyone else.

07-08-2008, 01:17 PM
I work at a hospital in south mississippi on a med surg floor 24 beds. 3Rns, 1 nurse aid,1 secretary and maybe a Lpn(that only helps pass po meds). we receive patients with anything from wbc of 0.4 to positive troponins and high bnp's to respiratory distress to those who need pain meds every 2 hours. you name it and we probably have it. we always have 8 pt to 1 nurse on average sometimes even more. the problem is when it comes to the more critical patients, i don't think that ratio is good. what do most hospitals have:questionmark: