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06-28-2008, 09:23 AM
At the moment I am looking at graduate nurse programs for next year. It seems very early but this is the way in which it is done. Part of choosing is the opportunity to visit the hospitals which are open for graduates next year. Many of these opportunities are held as open nights where there is a short talk about the hospital, what is offered and how to apply.

The surprise for me was the attitude of some of the hospitals. One hospital made it sound like they were the only choice, that they were the only ones where you would be able to see organ transplants (done at all hospitals, but particular operations are certain hospitals), and that they had the very best facilities bar none. I have been involved with open days for universities for many years, and have observed the unity between universities, where if a potential student was not suitable for one program (university) they were suggested to another which might be more suitable.

I am not saying that all hospitals are like this. And some of them did suggest that there were other hospitals other then them. (NOTE: There are enough students to fill places.)

The question is.. Where does promotion end and ego start? Do we need to compete with each other for staff? Or work to find the best fit for all nurses?

06-28-2008, 10:45 PM
I'm a little confused as to what you mean exactly when you are talking about graduate nurses-is it then new grads right out of nursing school? or people considering going into grad school?

Considering there is a HUGE nursing shortage all over the world I think the best alternative is to identify what the nurse needs to be happy at their job and strive together with the nurse to achieve that. Promotion is good to an extent, but what about the hospitals that don't have the ability to promote themselves as much as others and eventhough they provide top notch care they aren't able to reach out to the staff that is available?

I have no idea if this is the direction you were thinking but this my interpretation of it...