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Angry Male Nurse
07-07-2007, 08:57 AM
Just had a rough night. Not really rough, but busy. Now I feel exhausted, in my shins and my back, you know work tired. Still sort of agitated from this trauma we had in to night. Pregnant lady, punched in the gut. Fire comes on the radio, reports she has pain upper GI, bi-lat. I.E. diffuse abdominal pain. More than one quadrant is diffuse. And now, since the injury is reported as diffuse, it automatically becomes a trauma, not to mention shes nine months pregnant.
SO what does fire do? Start to argue with the MICN nurse, ON THE FRICKING RADIO that they the pain is actually only in one quadrant, despite what he had stated a second before.

WHY? Because they were near a hospital and base (us) was fifteen lousy minutes away. Basically, we were screwing with their precious beauty sleep.

But wait! It gets better. Two man fire crew rolls in, visibly angry and agitated. "I want to know who I spoke to on the radio!" Oblivious to the fact that the trauma eval has begun. This narcissictic attitude with entitlement, where his personal upset at having to drive an extra 10 minutes takes precedent of the vast and impressive array of medical professionals assembled in the trauma bay. No shame. His co-hort pitches in, "Here's your trauma," sarcastically. He angrily takes the straps off the patient, throwing the buckles to the side of the gurney. The radio nurse comes out and politiely (way too) points out section 508 of protocal that lists pain in two quadrants as diffuse, therefore giving it trama classification.
And still he whines and argues, while his partner scouls and stomps. "but I hear it had to be 3 quadrants" paramedic says. From who? Ignores the question. "Well, so what your saying is that we have to go by the policy of this hospital and not our own?" Insinuating that he'll chalk this one up to us being just a lusy stupid level two trauma center. "We are your protocol," MICN says," we both work for the county." He scratches his head, "I just don't get that."
I'm sick of seeing poorly trained County fire paramedics storm into ER"s like god's gift to medicine, questioning Docs, RN's, and anyone who is near them. Do they give report, do they record proper vitals, no. They intimidate female nurses by getting in their space and they get nasty very quickly with anyone who questions one of their many blunders. Angry aggressive. And for some reason, staff, management, patients, all tolerate it.

But my friends, male nurses are becomng MICN. The future is bringing great change. Will I be outspoken, no. But, I will be agressive and I will not hesitate to tell an oversexed spoiled firefighter that I don't have time to argue with him nor do I care to. And if he wants to pursue this action, let's take it straight to the top baby.
America, all you hear about firefighters in 9/11, kitty cats getting saved in trees, those noble work horses. Not all firefighters are bad. Some are true. Some have heart and recognize the impact the have in a patients life.

I am impressed by the firefighters union though. MIlitant, organized. These babies get whatever they want, whenever they want. Nurses could learn so much from firefighter union ogranizing, it is awesome!

Thanks for reading. Excuse the spelling mistakes. Need some sleep. Cheers.

Mother Jones, RN
07-07-2007, 01:44 PM
Wow, what a story. What happened to the patient?

Angry Male Nurse
07-07-2007, 04:49 PM
Wow, what a story. What happened to the patient?

Mother and fetus were stable. Mother was like in shock that someone had just wailed on her belly but other than the initial pain complaints no immediate crisis presented. Fetus had a steady baseline.
I'm sure that the boy squad took the fact that mom was dazed to mean That she was fine since her immediate vitals were normal, hence their righteous indignation
My point is, the paramedic unit used their remarkably poor lack of social skills to evaluate a patient, not going on trauma criteria or trusting the patients chief complaint, even going so farr as to change her initial chief complaint form 2 quads to 1. Apalling. Some heroes.

10-06-2007, 12:35 AM
We have a liason between EMS and the hospital. If there is a problem between staff, protocol, and EMS, the liason takes care of things and then the propor memo is sent out.

I have to admit, most of the EMS staff I come in contact with are fairly knowledgeable and caring. Some aren't and some like to think they know more than they actually do; but then, some nurses like to think they know more than they do also.

There are very few things that can get me angry, but one of them is when "professionals" dispute care of the patient over the patient. Once that occurs, the patient has lost all confidence in the institution. What a horrible place for the patient to be.

10-08-2007, 08:38 PM
I can't believe the arrogance of those EMS guys.

I think it could be good to have a male nurse in charge at those times. Gender differences aside...they'll be less likely to pull that intimidation crap with ya'll.
Even without male nurses, the entire staff needs to step in and help defend the victim nurse from being verbally abused, intimidated, etc.
Is there someone who can act as a mediator to address these issues for both sides?