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Mother Jones, RN
09-26-2008, 03:21 PM
I just answered a question over at from a new LPN. This was Nickie's question:

Hello, I am new to this blog. I barely know what a blog is. I am a brand new LPN. I am also a Trans woman (I don’t like the terms “Transgendered” or “Transsexual”). I have already lost my first nursing job, there were some very nasty nurses there, but some really nice ones too. I am pretty naive, and I trust people, I do my work, and don’t have time for “politics” or shenanigans. I was a manager in another profession for 20 years, and I never experienced anything like this… I think I need some advice from my colleagues out there…

Thanks, Nickie

Give Nickie some advice on how to deal with this situation and check out how I answered her question on (