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01-13-2009, 07:41 PM

Hey thank all of you for the advice. I didn't have anyone to take with me but I have written everything down including what was said to me today. She told me that everything was clear on the situation and that everything was done per policy and procedure. However she said that I didn't need to work out my notice from where I was stepping down from clinical manager due to another long story and lies which I have documentation of. She said I would be paid til end of month as Clinical Manager and then I can work prn with the company but she didn't have any spots opened for me full time (as previously stated) due to she has agency in there. Which I was told to get rid of asap. What do yall think I should do now? I appreciate all the great advice and support which I didn't get from the company. Thanks!

Mr Ian
01-14-2009, 06:17 AM
Hi Devotion4eva

I'm sorry to hear about this situation you are in.

Did you resign from CM because of this incident or for another reason?

As a point to add to the others - I wouldn't give them anything in writing at this stage. Even your notes you take to go to the meeting with - do not let them even read them if you go for another meeting. They are yours.

Also, which country are you in? Just so we can have an idea of legal and professional context.

01-14-2009, 12:22 PM
I had to give my notice at the beginning of January due to my manager. I was written up for rumors regarding other employees. Alot of it I wasn't even made aware of until I my write up and her asking me (telling me to step down). At this time she told me that she wanted me to stay on full time as a float for all her clinics and right now Greer (which is where I was) needed me most. I would be working there unless I felt like I couldn't stay. After the incident which as she said was an accident and not my fault she let me go from my notice and also stated she was sorry but she didn't have any full time positions and I could stay prn with the company but she couldn't gaurantee my hours. I live in Greenville South Carolina. So what ya think?

Mr Ian
01-16-2009, 05:28 AM
I think from your side of things that your manager sounds inadequate and you're better off not working there.

But I'm intrigued by your comment:
I had to give my notice at the beginning of January due to my manager. I was written up for rumors regarding other employees.

..and wonder how your manager made you have to give your notice in?

01-17-2009, 04:54 AM
I know she called me in her office one day and stated that it wasn't working, I asked her what did she mean. She informed me that she didn't know if we were doing things right and she talked about a couple of my employees and then she talked about what a doctor has said. She told me she couldn't fight both and and she was asking me to step down from management and stated that I had given it my very best and she was sorry. This was like a couple weeks before Christmas. Then a day or so later she said come talk to me when you get a chance well I had a headache that day and left early. The next day I was called in her office with this write up stating all these complaints which were about rumors or other people and it stated as a action she was asking me to step down. After Christmas she told me to write my notice up and a memo to all patient's stating I was stepping down. I did that and a couple days later the incident happens. I was suspended and then as you know I got called in to be informed that everything was found to be done properly and it was an accident but she didn't need me to work my notice and she didn't have room for me full time right now. However she is using 3 agency people and I am a employee of the company. If it all checked out ok then why was I let go? I don't feel as if I was done correctly on this and have thought about going to see a lawyer. I do so good riddance to the boss but I miss my patient's dearly and the chance that I didn't get to really even say goodbye cause I went from suspension to let go for no real reason. What do you think. Thanks for the advice.

01-17-2009, 06:14 AM
Just from some of the things you have said (note that this is my opinion only):
If she is getting complaints from doctors regarding how things are done; it is up to her to do competency testing of the staff to confirm if the complaints are accurate.
'Not required to work my notice'; many contracts state that the period worked once notice is given is mutually agreed, thus you could possibly have not agreed with leaving immediately as you were at no fault.

I think it is time to see a lawyer in regards to workplace harassment and being forced to resign from a job.

Mr Ian
01-17-2009, 07:27 AM
Never allow someone to compel you to put something in writing unless you get theirs in writing first.

It sounds to me as if there were probably a lot of things said or done that you aren't aware of and perhaps you've been 'bitten' by some unscrupulous people.

I'd ask the manager for an exit interview and ask exactly why it wasn't working. Then move on.