View Full Version : Design Student Seeking Nurses Input

01-14-2009, 08:25 PM
Hi, my name is David and I am currently in school to become an Industrial Designer. This semester our focus is to design medical equipment. My focus is on patient care, more so for the nurses/doctor's perspectives to maybe make your life a little easier. I was wondering if there is anything that is more of a pain than others??

Maybe some problems you see in current equipment, any type of knowledge or input would be greatly appreciated. Also a simplified run down of a day as a nurse would be very helpful.



Mr Ian
01-16-2009, 06:36 AM
Something to round up relatives and herd them into a lockable room.

Or how about a Management Bull**** meter? Tho it would need an extensive power source.

Or a self-filling filing cabinet that never runs out of forms.

Or a stress relieving machine - (anything Smith & Wesson should do)

If you want a serious idea - cot sides - small protective barriers to the side of beds to prevent falls. Sometimes patients get caught up in them or elderly tear their skin on them trying to get out. The nurses need access to the bed - and patient does need to get off an on easily - but when someone is confused or physically debilitated, 'cot sides' are raised to prevent rolling out.
There are lots of other ideas already out there on bed safety - like alarms and stuff - but I don't know - I only do psychiatry.