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Smile Gossip in the Workplace -- Survey

Influential Drivers of Workplace Gossip among Nurses in Primary Care Settings in Washington, D.C.

I would like to invite you to participate in a research study examining influential drivers of informal communication, or gossip, which will add to the knowledge of how primary care nurses use informal communication to develop their work groups and their workplace environment. My name is Porsha Bryan and the data collected in this interview will help fulfill the requirements for my Capstone project.

Informed Consent Form
Participation Requires of You: To complete a survey, which should take 20 to 30 minutes of your time. There is no planned use of deception involved in this study.

Your Privacy: Your participation in this study and your responses will be kept confidential. Any reference to you will be by pseudonym, including any direct quotes from your responses. This document and any notes or recordings that might personally identify you as a participant in this study will be kept in a locked place that only the researcher will have access to. Only the researcher and the research supervisor might know who has participated in this study. Three years after the completion of this research study all personally identifying information will be destroyed.

Risks to you: There are no foreseen physical risks associated with this study; other risks might include the following:

You might experience anxiety, discomfort, or negative emotions as a result of responding to the questions asked of them in this research study. If you experience a negative reaction, you may choose to skip the question, to withdraw from the study, or you may contact my faculty advisor or the SPS Institutional Review Board, especially if your discomfort continues after the study.

Benefits to You: There are not foreseen direct benefits to you regarding participation in this study beyond the general knowledge that you are assisting in furthering the knowledge related to this research topic, and assisting the researcher in completing the MSA degree requirements. There is no compensation associated with participation in this study.

After reading the Informed Consent in the preceding paragraphs and if you are interested in participating in my study, please follow the link below to the Drivers of Gossip Questionnaire. Thank you for your time and consideration!
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