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Old 05-19-2014, 10:09 PM
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Default Need marketing advice from Labor and Delivery Staff

[While this post may seem dangerously close to advertising, my intent is honestly to get feedback from Labor and Delivery staff on how to approach a problem. Mods: please delete this if I've overstepped myself; if anyone else considers this to be offensive or inappropriate please let me know and I'll delete it.]

Dear Labor and Delivery staff: thanks for your heroic work. The stories I've heard recently honest-to-God brought me to tears in appreciation for the kindness you showed a grieving family.

I do Photoshop magic and restore photos as part of a family business. Recently I was able to give healthy-baby-skin-color to photos of a full-term stillborn, and to baby who only lived a few minutes (a 20-week spontaneous abortion). The photo taken by the Labor and Deliver staff was taken pretty late after delivery, and the child's skin was maroon in color. My restoration was helpful to the family in their grieving process, and I would like to expand this service to other such families.

Problem is, I don't know how to market this service. I provide a good product and invest a good number of hours in the process, so I don't feel shy about charging. Of interest is that there is a group that provides similar services on a volunteer basis (more power to 'em), though I don't know where or how often they're active. I would love ideas on the following:
  • Is my target group the Labor and Delivery nursing staff? The ward clerk? The hospital chaplain or the patient ombudsman? Or the local funeral directors? Since I believe the family I helped had their photo taken by the nursing staff, that's at least my initial target.
  • Is the volunteer group active in most areas? As in, should I focus my marketing elsewhere, if the market is already saturated by a group which provides free services?
  • How should I approach the appropriate staff with my portfolio? You know, order in a pizza and tape some graphic photos to the top? Hm. Maybe not. But at least I'm trying to be creative...
  • What should I offer to a nearby Labor and Delivery nurse to make it worth her while to talk to me? Lunch would certainly be a reasonable payment, and as I'm old enough to be their grandfather, practically, so it might not seem like a come-on... or I could offer to restore a family photo for her, perhaps.
  • Is there a professional association I should join, presumably to advertise in their journal? Or is there a forum you would suggest that might not be offended by an advertiser such as me?
  • Anything else I need to hear?

I do not have permission from the families to post these photos, but will ask if I can email copies if someone here is interested in seeing my results (please send me a private message). And if anyone has a family in need of such services, I would be happy to do the work for them in exchange for permission to show the before-and-after photos to others.

And if someone provides substantial, thoughtful advice, I would be honored to return the favor to that person, too, in the form of restoration work... or Photoshop mischief of some sort.


[BTW - I used to be an operating room orderly, was pre-med for years, and have a Master's in Epidemiology. So the medical world is familiar... and *I* know that nurses need, well, maybe not to be worshipped, but things ought to go a whole lot farther in that direction than they currently are.]
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