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Old 05-19-2008, 11:58 AM
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Default Bragging Again


I just have to tell you that I work with a great group of people. I was feeling rather puny when I went to work last night, but I had an obligation to my family and to the people with whom I work, so onward I went.

A couple of hours into the shift I was in the ICU checking on the status of patients and staff when a physician inquired about my well-being. He is not my personal MD. In fact, he is someone with whom I have butted heads on more than one occasion since he is a loud and rabid individualist and I am the weekend, hold-the-line politician. I told him the truth. He wrote very reasonable orders for me. He came back later to check on me and to personally hand me copies of my lab results and his dictation notes.

To save me the embarrassment of being trundled through the hospital to the outpatient infusion area, the ICU charge nurse agreed to personally give me the IV fluid and medication. Her hands shook as she tried to start the IV, but she was eventually successful. Two different lab tech gave their very best effort in drawing blood. An admitting clerk left her department on another floor in order to sign me in. The ICU Unit Secretary navigated her way through the unfamiliar maze of outpatient infusion orders with tremendous grace. She also found a recliner chair so as to honor my desire not to clutter up an ICU bed. Furthermore, the Unit Secretary took the time to add to my comfort by covering the recliner in a cool, white sheet because she doesn't "like the feel of the plastic" against her skin. I was dumped into the chair, the head of the chair was lowered and the footrest was raised. A table with a portable phone was placed by my side so that I could continue to answer my pager.

An on-call Patient Care Services Supervisor came in to take over the care of the hospital. When she arrived, she took my report with utter calm (it was a crazy-busy night). Only a slight widening of her eyes occurred as I described the challenges she would be facing. That particular woman is, if nothing else, resilent, so I was not too worried about her or the house. Her sturdiness was made evident when, at the end of my report, she got me back: She said would quell any rumors about my "unseemly attention-seeking behaviors" by telling everyone that I am pregnant.

Don't I work with the best people?

When all was said and done, I went home. I slept. I feel better.

Onward, then.

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Old 05-19-2008, 06:16 PM
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I'm glad you're feeling better, Joy, but should you have gone to work not feeling well in the first place? Hmmmmmm???
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Old 05-19-2008, 08:57 PM
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Ummmm.... Yep. Should have stayed home. Thought I would perk up once at work. Didn't perk, though. Oh, well... slept so much that I have been awake all day. Today is one of those rare Pacific Northwest Coast days: blue sky, warm temps and a kindly breeze. The neighbor's blossoming apple tree looks like a wedding dress and fills the house with an intoxicating perfume. Little brown birds are calling from their unseen homes in the laurel hedge. Magnolia, azalea, scotch broom and a myriad of other plants are celebrating spring with brillant colors and the smell of life. Am almost glad I skipped out on work last night now that I have witnessed such a glorious day!
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