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Old 09-18-2011, 06:35 PM
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Question What would you have done?

Do you think that it is proper for a nurse to suggest to a person who tells you that his dad has Altzhimer's and sometimes gets lost when out in his car with his wife and also states that his father has diabetic neuropathy and can't feel his feet that he'd better take his father's car keys before an accident happens? I said this to the son in front of a mixed group of people who were not in the medical/nursing field and no one said anything except my husband who said to me after--that I should never have said this to the son. As a nuse, I felt that it was my duty to say something. Maybe I'm missing the boat here, but I'd rather save a whole lot of lives that cause some ones feelings to be hurt....
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suziegirl, I've replied to this topic in the other thread you created
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