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Default Hepatitis b vaccination serious adverse side effects

Chronic illness following Hepatitis B vaccination

NOTE: I know this looks very long winded but please read to the end because I’m starting an e-petition and need signatures.

Whilst working as a Mental Health Act Co-ordinator for private psychiatric hospital I was required to have Hepatitis B vaccination to continue with my work. In 2009 I received two of the three jabs required, following the second jab my health proceeded to deteriorate, experiencing the following symptoms;

• Chronic fatigue
• Muscle twitching (visual & non-visual)
• Cognitive disturbance
• Joint/muscle pain
• Muscle fatigue
• Stiffness
• Sleep disturbance
• Tremors in my lower limbs (buzzing sensation)

My symptoms became so chronic that I consulted with my doctor who arranged a series of tests to be carried out. I was assessed over a 4 month period and eventually diagnosed with ME. I was unable to work full time and eventually left my job because of illness.

Over the last two years my symptoms have become worse and because of the extent of the visual muscle twitching/weakness/fatigue I suffer I was referred to a consultant at the National Hospital of Neurology in London. I had a series of electrical tests conducted on my muscles, a lumber puncture and a full head and spine MRI. The tests revealed three lesions on my brain. During the follow up appointment my consultant explained that he was not concerned with the lesions as they are very small and most probably age related (39 years old). Given my continuing illness and persistent symptoms the consultant is now trying me on anti convulsant medication (Gabapentin) to see if it stops the muscle twitching. If it does not then he will take a muscle biopsy to test for muscle disease.

I never received the third jab in the series because it has always been by belief that the vaccine caused my illness. I was perfectly well prior to the vaccination and it would appear I am not alone in this experience. Conducting research on the internet has revealed thousands of people who also believe they have had an adverse reaction to the Hep B vaccine and numerous medical reports researching the adverse side affects.

In July 2009 a Westminster Hall Debate was held in relation to ‘adult workers damaged by the Hepatitis B vaccine’. Ian Stewart (the now ‘former’ labour MP) wanted to discuss the adverse reactions people were experiencing and how the Government should help these people. Well, it looks like to date, they’ve done nothing, because from what I can work out research says that the vaccination doesn’t cause the illnesses, but could possibly speed up the onset of dormant conditions. Either way, it makes you ill! I’ve put the link to the debate for anyone who is interested in reading it.

I’d like to share with you some information I found about the Hep B vaccination on the National Vaccine Information Centre (NVIC) website. There is a lot to read, but if this issue affects you or someone you know, it is seriously interesting!

The seriousness of my condition means I am only able to work a limited amount of hours per week. I am a single woman living on her own with a mortgage and bills to pay. Prior to the vaccination I had a great job with a good salary, now things are very, very different.

If you are in the same position as me and believe that you have suffered an adverse reaction to the vaccine, you must inform The Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) about it. You can go onto their website and raise a ‘Yellow Card’. Link below.

Finally, if you feel passionately about this subject, please sign my e-petition and help all victims get the help they need and deserve. Once again, the link is below. Thank you for listening.
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