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Old 10-14-2011, 05:32 PM
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Default Help needed>>>CES DILLEMA

~Im sorry if this post is quite long...pls find time to read it because i really need some HELP right now...

hello!First of all, I really don't know if this is the right forum to post my inquiry but im just trying my luck that maybe someone can help me or atleast enlighten me with my problem. Im a Filipino nurse and now an immigrant here in the united states. I just passed my NCLEX RN california last august and i took it here in rhode island. Now im trying to apply for an endorsement/reciprocity of my RN license from california to rhode island so i can start working as a nurse.

i downloaded the necessary forms from R.I dept. of health for endorsement. I have met all the requirements except one which is the CGFNS (because im a foreign graduate from the Philippines). At first im not sure what CGFNS requirement in particular is needed to be accomplished. I tried to call the Dept. of health but they don't answer phone calls with regards to license issues and will just instruct you to visit their website (im already starting to get anxious honestly). I tried asking some people whom i think is familiar with it and one friend told me that i have to submit a course to course comparison or CES to the department of health.

So when i checked the CGFNS website, there are two options which i think pertains to the course-to-course evaluation:The Credentials Evaluation Services and International Services of Delaware. The 4 remaining options are not applicable because i don't intend to apply for a working visa/visa screen or take the CGFNS exam knowing that im already an immigrant. Between the two options, i checked the CES for it is the closest on what the course-to-course evaluation is for.

I answered and fill-out all the questions/information needed for this order.

Here comes the confusing part: when i got to the printing of application forms,there's this one form that im not quite sure to whom to be submitted. Its the Validation of registration/certification/license.I read all the FAQ's and nothing seem to direct me to whom shall i send it. Is it to the california board of nursing or to the licensing authorities (PRC) in the philippines (because im also a registered nurse there). Im uncertain if i should send it to the philippines because first, Im not applying for a working visa and second, it would take a lot of time for this request to be processed in the philippines knowing that im already here and the transaction will definitely cause me big time (money issues). And i came up with this thinking that why do they need to validate my license in the philippines knowing that my only concern here is the course-to-course evaluation and i already passed the NCLEX RN exam. (I don't know if im making a point here but this is also what my friend told me)

I also tried calling the CGFNS to address this matter but unfortunately i was always directed to visit the website and so on and so forth. I told this to a filipino nurse here who also did the same process but she said that she never did submit any validation form to the philippines just merely the request for transcript of records. I can't actual get an accurate information from her because she did this like 4 yrs ago. (ok fine, where do i go from here?!)

Im getting really anxious now and everyday im losing the hope that i could transfer my license here. Desperate it may seem but i have no choice but to post it here on just wish that a foreign nurse or filipino nurse out there who had or has the same scenario can help me or even direct me to the right steps that i need to follow. I will definitely appreciate any form of help/opinion/suggestion that i can get from my fellow nurses. God bless you all and have a good day!
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