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Old 12-05-2011, 10:56 PM
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Default Needing some helpful advice...

]I currently work night-shift on a telemetry unit. The crew of nurses that I routinely work with and I are completely fed up with the constant messes in patient care that we are left to deal with and fix. Part of the problem is that the nurses that are leaving the mess are inexperienced and do not have a "resource" person on the floor to help them with any questions, so they just muddle through the day... Anyway, all of us have brought up our concerns to the actual nurses themselves, the nurse manager, and the DON of the hospital with absolutely no results. The same incidents continue to happen. We are all concerned with patient safety, we don't want to leave our sick patients in the hands of these inexperienced nurses. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what we could possibly do next to get someone's attention?

Just for an example, the last night that I worked, the nurse that I got report from failed to mention that my patient had a critical Magnesium level and needed replacement. I found an order in the chart that was written at 1100 that morning to give 4 grams of Magnesium. I hung the first gram at 2000...

One other example is another night-shift nurse went to pull her nighttime medications out of the Pyxis and saw that the day shift nurse didn't pull her morning medicine until 1600 that afternoon. The patient was getting blood pressure meds that were scheduled for BID. When looking at the patient's chart, the night-shift nurse saw that the day-shift nurse charted that she gave the medication at 0900....
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