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Old 07-04-2012, 08:57 PM
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Default Breakthrough Pain medication

I have a question about breakthrough medication: New orders for a 40 year old larger man with acute pancreatitis (who had been receiving 5mg sc q2hourly) new orders read;

‘Morphine 10mg IM/sc/po q4hours Around the Clock’ in addition to ‘2.5-5mg IM/sc/po q1hour prn for Breakthrough Pain’.

The first routine dose of 10mg sc was given at 2000h but ˝ hour later at 2030h the pt still complains of severe pain. Since the onset of sc Morphine may not have occurred yet, should the nurse wait an hour (until 2100h) to safely administer 5 mg sc prn? When is the earliest that the prn dose can be initiated in this case?
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breakthrough pain, medication, narcotic, prn

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