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Default cardizem drip advice


I took over care of a pt on a cardizem gtt. The order was for 10 mg/hr, no titration, no parameters. Upon assuming care pt hr 130's afib, sbp 150. Pt maintained on monitor w/ vs q 15 min. Over the course of the night. Pt sbp's 110's-150's, hr lowered to 70's-90's, afib. After several hours, pt had 2 episodes w/ a sbp in the high 90's w/ afib, hr in the 70's. I consulted my charge rn if I should call the doc. We opted to wait for the next cycle of vs. Next vs sbp 115, hr 80's afib. Was told to continue to monitor. I did, hr maintained 80's, sbp's 110-120. About 45 min later, pt sats dropped, pt sbp and hr no change. When assessing the pt, she felt cool, w/ poor refill. I cycled another vs, sbp 84, hr 70. I stopped the gtt at that time. Called the charge RN in. A rapid response was called, as well as the MD. Pt ended up coding.

I have heard many criticism's on the side about this pt. I would appreciate any feedback.
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