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Old 03-15-2014, 02:40 AM
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Default CPS report dilemma

I need help and advice! I had a child I was caring for who has been severely neglected- Mom would be gone all the time and when she was home she spent 5-10 minutes with him in a day. The nurses suspected she wasnt caring for him on days when there was no nurse. Dad had very little involvement. We couldnt get the family to practice potty training when the nurses werent there. Mom and Dad would travel for weeks and not talk to their daughter or call her. The nurses didnt hear from them either.

This child had severe handicaps and needed to be monitored constantly as she was on a trach and had a GT. The last straw for me was when the Mom left the child for 4 hours with the siblings. While one ws over 18, she could not manage the trach or evaluate for respiratory problems. When I came on shift, the adult child was asleep on the couch.

We told the Mom several times she could not leave the child in the care of the adult son. This did not stop her. I spoke with the case manager multiple times about the neglect issues. I also spoke to her about leaving the little girl with her sibs alone. The case manager agreed, but got no support from her supervisor. We both talked about reporting the child to Child Protective Services, but clearly administration was not interested in intervening.

Finally, I reported the incident to CPS. Later I called the ADON and admitted that I had reported it. When confronted by the mother regarding whether I had reported her, I said no to protect myself from family members I feared physical violence from.

A week later, the Director called me and said I was off the case, and to come into the office. I was given a written warning for:
Lying to the parent, not reporting I was calling CPS before I made the call, not using the appropriate chain of command to report the incidences in question, and not writing adverse event reports for the issues when they arose. These issues were ongoing, and to my knowledge, no one thought to write adverse event reports.

Everytime I talked to my immediate supervisor about these issues, she told me that her supervisor was aware of what was going on, but nothing was ever done. We were both frustrated and we both felt that CPS should get involved.

SOOOO... what is my recourse in this situation? How can someone give you a written warning for reporting a child's family to CPS when we are mandated to report? Has anyone ever heard of writing adverse event reports for such incidences? Certainly no one here was doing it.

Can anyone give me guidance in this situation. By the way, CPS closed the case and determined that they could find no evidence of abuse. So all the risk I took was for nothing. I feel devastated. I worked for 3 years with this family, we had a good rapport, and now they hate me.

Any advice?
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